Railway Hotels of Australia - Volume One - Victoria

Railway Hotels of Australia

Volume One



Scott Whitaker

published by SRW Publishing, Wandong, Victoria, Australia, December 2015


This new book by Scott Whitaker, railway enthusiast and part-time historian, details the history of every Railway Hotel that trades or once traded in Victoria.

This book is large, in landscape format, signature stitched in a stout illustrated binding case.  There are 280 A4-sized pages with full colour images.  For the Railway Hotels buildings that still exist, there is a current-day image as well as one from its earlier years.  For some, there is no current-day image, but instead, there is a view over the location of it.

There is a bibliography and an extensive index that includes the names of licencees, the businesses, including Banks that rented part of the hotel on selected days as their local premises and references to various Acts of parliament that affected the trading licence.

The book is heavy and for posting, the book will be packed in a stout cardboard book mailing box.  The book weighs, when packed, 2100 grams.  As a consequence, Parcel Post applies.  Additional Postal services are available and will be charged at cost, upon request.

For posting to destinations outside Australia, Airmail will be used at the most economical rate.  Faster but more expensive services are available on request and will be charged at cost.

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