Railway Hotels of Australia - Volume Four - SA, WA, Tas, NT

Railway Hotels of Australia – Volume Four – SA, WA, NT, Tas

by Scott Whitaker  published by SRW Publishing, Bowen, Queensland, Australia, April 2019

The final chapter in Scott Whitaker’s four-volume study of every Railway Hotel that trades or once traded in Australia is coming to a close. Volume Four of Railway Hotels of Australia covers South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia.

The book contains a wealth of information on the history of railways across SA, NT, TAS and WA, and explores the social, economic and political themes that helped to shape the state. It has been produced to the same high-quality standards as the previous three books.

Consisting of 312 pages in length, this hardcover book contains hundreds of historic and contemporary images on high quality art paper, and includes a range of advertisements and anecdotes that add interest and establish the mood of the era.

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