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The Society:

Established in 1945, the Australian Railway Historical Society Victorian Division Inc. has a proud history of over 70 years of catering for all who have an interest in the railway history of Victoria.  It has a growing membership of over 500 members throughout Australia and overseas.
 The Society recognises that recording the continuing development and evolution of rail transport in our state is as much a part of its future history as events that occurred in the past 175 years.

To serve our members:


ARHS Victorian Division supports the production of an extensive range of quality books recording a wide range of aspects of Victorian Railway history.  A significant proportion of publications are supported by the resources of our archive and many of our authors are members of ARHS.  Members are offered significant discounts on all new publications.
 The Sales Department is able to supply members with the Society’s publications and a range of other current books.  Sales are by mail order, on line at the Society’s web site, at eBay, at Society activities and at exhibitions and other events where the Society is represented.


The Society conducts monthly entertainment meetings with guest speakers, film and video nights, items from our archives, photographic competitions and information segments designed to keep our members abreast of the latest means of pursuing their railway hobby.
 At least once a year, a regional meeting is held to provide a contact point for members living outside Greater Melbourne.  The Society also gives priority to attending rail events, such as model railway exhibitions in regional centres.


Since 1962, ARHS Victorian Division has operated the Railway Museum at Newport and is custodian of many of the State’s railway heritage items.  The Museum is in the open air and the Society is working to achieve the goal of having the Museum relocated to an undercover location.  That would allow the Society to present Victoria’s Railway heritage to the best world standards.  Members receive free admission to the Museum.The Society Archive is a place of secondary deposit recognised by the Public Record Office of Victoria.  The Archive holds a large amount of documents, photographs, films and audio works.  The focus of the Archive collection is the railways of Victoria.


The Archive is a research centre for those conducting genuine research into railway history.  The Archive team continues to catalogue and develop the information resources.  Research is conducted for members and the public on specific requests.  To support the development of our archive, research work attracts a modest fee for service.
 The Film and Video Group is working to preserve moving visual images of the railway history of our State.
 The Sound Archive is also working to preserve the sounds of the past railway era by preserving recordings made by members and by our society in past generations.

Magazine Subscriptions

Members can choose to subscribe to the Society’s monthly journal “Newsrail”.  In addition, a subscription service is provided for “Australian Railway History” and “Railway Digest”, both of which are published monthly by ARHS New South Wales Division.  

Monthly Members’ News Letter

Members receive, by post or electronically, a monthly News Letter.


The Society operates rail tours, walking tours and visits to closed lines.  These are advertised to members and friends, through the News Letters and on this website.

Become a Member

Why not become a member now and support the Society and its volunteers?  You will find Membership details and the Membership Application form here:

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Alternatively request a form by writing to

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Complete the form and post it to the Membership Secretary.


The Society is incorporated in the State of Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act (2012) with Incorporation Number. A0033223H.  The Society holds Australian Business Number (ABN) 65 533 143 834.


The Rules of the Society are approved by the Department of Justice Registrar of Associations.

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The By-laws of the Society deal with the day-to-day running of the Society and are approved by a General Meeting of the Members of the Society .

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