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Prices do not include postage except where shown.


A Vintage Year for Steam AusSteam ’88 and Flying Scotsman in Australia (Malpass, Dare, Jenkin) 10.00 Mechanical Weighing Machines (Brook) $49.00
My Railway Colouring Book$7.50
Railway Map of Victoria (flat or folded) $3.00
Railway Map of Victoria (laminated)$8.00
Streamlined Thoroughbreds (Eadie)$20.00
The Mortuary Train$3.00
The Bungaree Racecourse Railway (Cauchi & Guiney) $17.45
The Phoenix Foundry (Butrims & Macartney)$66.00
Times Past Places Distant (Langford) $22.50
VR Rolling Stock Branch – Diagrams of Locomotives, Cars, Vans, Trucks)$138.60
Victorian Signalling (Fisher) $30.00
Walking The Outer Circle Railway East Camberwell to Fairfield $2.10
Oakleigh to Ashburton$2.10
What a Journey (Yates) $20.00


A Pictorial Guide to the long lost Lancefield and Kilmore Railway (Tomkins) $45.00
A Trackside Journey (McBain) $55.00
A Trackside Journey 2 (McBain) $60.00
A Trail on the Rail (Houghton) (The Skipton Branch) $22.95
Amusement Railways of Australia (Longworth) $64.95
An Australian Locomotive Guide (Clark) $34.95
Australian Railways Atlas No 1 – Tasmania $30.00
Australian Trams through the Ages Part 1 $24.95
Australian Trams through the Ages Part 2 $24.95
Beyond the Façade (Davies) $60.00
Bygone Australian Transport (Wilson) $38.45
Closed 50 Years Ago (Houghton) (Beech Forest) $29.95
Closed Stations – Lost Locations VIC part 2 $42.00
Country Branch Lines Victoria Parts 8, 9, 10 (ea) $42.00
End of the Line (Houghton) (Beech Forest – Crowes) $17.50
Engaging the Giants (Clennet) Timber Railways in South-West Tasmania $60.00
Enginemen of the VR Volume 2 (Anchen) $49.95
Gerald Dee – a remarkable railwayman (Fowler) $60.00
Iron Roads in the Outback (Anchen) out of print LETTE – The Railway that Never Opened (Dodd) $25.00
Life on Australian Locomotives (Barnett) $34.95
Life on The Victorian Railways (Anchen)$49.95
Locomotive Enginemen of Tasmania (Anchen)$49.95
Locomotives of Australia 1850s – 2010 (Oberg)$49.95
Mind the Curve (Keating)$27.45
More Tram Images (Ballment)$60.00
My Railway Days (Dare)$75.00
Picnics at the Falls – a history of the Lal Lal Racecourse and its railway (Cauchi & Guiney)$48.00
Please Step Inside (Segnit)$39.95
Powelltown Tramway Centenary (Stamford)$10.00
Power to the Rails (Scott)$65.00
Puffing Billy Spirit of the Dandenongs (Anchen)$29.95
Outback Railwaymen – Life on the Commonwealth Railways (Anchen) $35.00
Rail Centre Colac (Houghton)$63.50
Rails through The Marsh (Lewis)$65.00
Railway Hotels of Australia V1 – Vic (Whitaker)$69.95
Railway Hotels of Australia V2 – NSW (Whitaker)$69.95
Railway Hotels of Australia V3 – Qld (Whitaker)$69.95
Railways of the Ovens and King (Anchen) $59.95
Southern Aurora (Hard Cover) (Banger)$95.00
Steam Across the Border (Holmes)$28.00
Stopping All Stations (Anderson)$51.45
The Branch Line (Holmes)$20.00
The Dandenong Ranges (Anchen)$49.95
The Daylight (Banger)$95.00
The Narrow Gauge (Anchen)$75.00
The Never – Never Line (Harvey)$60.00
The Onion Line (Houghton) (Colac – Alvie line)$12.50
Through the Lens (Cotterall & Ferguson)$80.00
Tram Images (Ballment)$39.95
Travels by Trainor (Thompson)$19.95
Up the Straight (Lewis)$65.00
Vantage Point (Victoria) (Payne)$72.00
Vantage Point (New South Wales) (Payne)$75.00
Vantage Point (Queensland) (Payne)$75.00
Victorian Goldfields Railway Souvenir Guide$15.00

Postage charges for Books

The postage for most books depends upon two factors:

  • The weight of the book and
  • The destination postcode.

Together with the complexity of the Australia Post table of charges, it is not practical to show the postage charges. However, we use the standard Australia Post Parcel Rates together with a handling charge of $2.45 to cover packing materials and incidentals.


Night Shift$15.00
Steam on the 5’ 3” $15.00


90 per cent Men$39.95
Rails under the Southern Cross Vol 3$39.95


Bulletin Magazine 1937- 1950$25.00
Bulletin Magazine 1950- 1959$25.00
Bulletin Magazine 1960- 1969$25.00
Bulletin Magazine 1970- 1979$25.00
Bulletin Magazine 1980- 1989$25.00
Bulletin Magazine 1990- 1999$25.00
Bulletin Magazine / ARH Magazine 2000 – 2009$25.00

Channel 5 Productions DVDs

9461 Freight-A Driver’s View – Melbourne to Morwell$34.50
A Day at Tallarook $34.50
Branch Line Steam – Victorian Railways in the 1950s$39.50
China – Last of The Steam Dragons$34.50
Closed but not Forgotten – Branch Lines of Victoria’s North East$39.50
D3 – 100 Years of VR Service / R711 back in Steam$39.50
Events in Steam$34.50
G42 – From the Otways to the Dandenongs$39.50
Junee – Still a Railway Town$34.50
Ken Fishley’s 1960’s VR Steam Action $24.50
Last Bastions of Chinese Steam$34.50
Last Train to… Last Run of…$34.50
Liveries and Lash Ups$39.50
Maryborough – Victorian Steam’s Last Stronghold$34.50
More Railmotor Journeys$34.50
Outer Melbourne Branch Lines$39.50
Rail Motors Remembered$34.50
Railmotors Across Victoria – the 195’s and 1960sS $39.50
Railmotors Journeys Over Lost VR Lines$34.50
Remembering The Beechy$34.50
Riding The Beechy$34.50
Riding the Rack$34.50
Riding with the Driver$34.50
Sandringham-A Driver’s View$34.50
Spencer Street to Dandenong – a Driver’s View$24.50
Steam around the State$34.50
Steam in focus$34.50
Steam Selections$34.50
Suburban Salute$39.50
The Bendigo Line – A Driver’s View$39.50
The Frankston Line / The Glen Waverley Line – a Driver’s View$39.50
The Upfield Line from the cab / The Inner Circle$39.50
The Upfield Line 1997 – From the Cab Both Ways$34.50
Train Driving$34.50
Twilight of Victorian Railways Steam$34.50

Steam Media Productions DVDs

A Garratt Goes Again Part 1$39.95
A Garratt Goes Again Part 2$49.95
Bye Bye Broad Gauge Vol 1$49.95
Easter Steam 2000$49.95
Hurstbridge Heritage Railway$29.95
Puffing Billy’s Walhalla Weekend$49.95
Steam in the Suburbs$39.95
The Gas Light Films of Norm Wadeson$29.95
Triple Back on Track$29.95
Vic’s Railways Volume 1$49.95
Vic’s Railways Volume 2$49.95
Victorian Year in Steam – each year from 1996 to 2014$49.95

Ross Rail Video Productions DVDs

Australian Industrial Steam $39.00
Australian Steam through the Decades$39.00
Cathedrals of Steam$37.50
Diesels in Australia$39.00
Diesels in Victoria$39.00
Steam in Victoria Part 1 & 2$39.00
Steam in Victoria Part 3$39.00
Victoria Goldfields Railway$39.00
Victoria Goldfields Railway and the Bellarine Peninsula Railway$39.00

Upfront Production DVDs

Steam in Patagonia$35.00
Trains Passing 2013$30.00
Trains Passing 2014 part 1$30.00
Trains Passing 2014 part 2$30.00
Trains Passing 2015 part 1$30.00
Trains Passing 2015 part 2$30.00
Trains Passing 2016$35.00
Trains Passing – VR in the 1960s$35.00

Postage on up to 4 DVDs is $13.00 then $2 per DVD

Postage for DVDs and CDs
The postage rates quotes above are for postage
throughout Australia. For posgtage to other countries,
please ask for the postage options and costs.

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