V56 was the only locomotive constructed in this class.

Number built: 1

Number range: 56

Built by: Victorian Railways

Built: 1960

Wheel Arrangement: B

Tractive Effort: 48 kN

Purpose: V56 was built by the Victorian Railways for use at the Jolimont (Melbourne) electric car sidings for the specific purpose of propelling the suburban electric sets through a car washing plant at a constant speed of one mile per hour.

Interesting Facts: It is a small end-cab locomotive with a semi-hexagonal engine hood.  The diesel engine drove a Raymond hydraulic pump which, in turn, drove four reversible hydraulic motors, two coupled by chains to each axle.  When built the locomotive was painted red above the running board and black below it.  Later it was painted in the Victorian Railways blue and gold scheme and ended its working life in “The Met” green and yellow.