Museum – What to see

The Railway Museum has a large collection of the Victorian Railways steam locomotives, early diesel locomotives and suburban electric carriages along with representative examples of passenger and freight rolling stock. At the Railway Museum you will find:

19th Century Steam Locomotives

E 236E 369F 176
T94Y 108 

Steam Freight and Mixed Use Locomotives

C 10D2 604D3 635
J 559K 165N 432
X 36  

Steam Passenger Locomotives

A2 884A2 995D4 268
H220R 704 

Diesel Electric Locomotives

B83S 308T 367
Y 137  

Diesel Shunting Locomotives

F 211V56W 243
W 255  

Electric Locomotives

E 1102L 1150

Suburban Electric Passenger Vehicles

187 M795 M8 M
903 M  

Country and Interstate Passenger Vehicles

11 AAMitta Mitta (VRS 231)Norman

Freight Wagons

H 925 (4 wheel van)H 958 (4 wheel van)HZL 211M (4 wheel flat wagon)
IB 5452 (4 wheel open wagon)KR 169 (4 wheel flat wagon)KR 307 (4 wheel flat wagon)
No. 15 Oil TankRY 600 (4 wheel open wagon)VLBY 114T (bogie van)
VLX 334 (bogie van)  

Railway Cranes

Ex Geelong Loco Hand CraneNo. 19 Steam CraneNo. 2 Steam Crane
No. 36 Steam CraneNo. 73 Hand Crane 

Guards Vans

ZL 220ZLP 25

Other Victorian Railways equipment

First rail tractorPostal motor trolleyWay & works trolleys

Exhibits from Other Railways

SEC 37 & coal hopper 637Cordite trucksSEC 2